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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Travel Pictures

I know this is out of order, but . . .
here are some pictures of our departure from GA,
and unexpected stay in Paris .
We have seen a lot of airports and said a lot of good-byes over the years.
Airport good byes are never easy.
We were glad though that my mom and dad could come
from California to Georgia to say "good bye".
We spent lots of time waiting at the airport in Paris
as our flight was "adjusted".
(Due to an airlines strike in Casablanca we were
rerouted through Paris and given an unexpected 4 day stay
while we waited for a flight to Niger . )

Paris in July

Leaving Paris - Niger Bound

At the airport, we met up with Noah's former 1st grade teacher,
Miss Botheras, on her way back to Niger. WOW!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Sunday in Niger

Our first Sunday back in Niger we found our way to
the ACEN church of Niamey they had been praying 2 years for our coming.
It was a special day to be sitting in the cool
shade of the church listening to the ladies & children sing.
We were introduced to the church ( sorry no picture) and Phil was able to share, in French, a brief testimony of our arrival to work with them as well as his history
with the founders of the church.
The boys enjoyed the children and playing
the drums after church.
Pray with us that in time, we will build strong relationships with the people
of this church that will lead to greater
spiritual growth in all of us.
Pray that we will grow to love one another and serve
side by side.

Happy Birthday Micah

Happy Birthday Micah!

We are so thankful for what a special and gifted boy Micah is.
He has brought us 9 years of joy.
Micah celebrated is 9th birthday pretty low keyed.
After church on the 16th, we went out to eat at a
new restaurant (for us) in town.
Micah ordered pizza and cake.
He hopes to have a birthday with his new friends, cake & presents when
we are more settled in.

In Case you are Wondering

In case you are wondering - Is she trying to catch up on blog sites today? Yes, that is why so many are being posted on the same day.

In case you are wondering -Why is the spacing is weird on these blogs? I don't know. Must have to do with my Internet connection.

In case you are wondering - Why aren't these blogs posted in event order? I do not have all the my pictures on this computer, thus I am doing them as I can.

In case you are wondering -Will she ever update the Maxwell Ministry blog ? Yes, Those pictures are on another computer that I can not get Internet on. It's coming.

In case you are wondering - Have you finished unpacking yet? No

In case you are wondering - Shouldn't you be unpacking? Yes, but I am tired of doing that.

In case you are wondering - Are you done yet? Yes.

Saving August

Micah had always wanted a kitten.
Little did we know that he would find one our first week at
the guest house, nurse it back to health and
have a new kitten to move into our new house with.

Here is the story in pictures:

A sick little kitten rescued from under a shipping container

Nursed back to health - hand fed .

Given the name "August" in honor of the month she was found.

Friends who helped care for August - Hannah another guest house resident watched August while Micah was a school. We were not able to keep her at the guest house so Mrs. Banke and her family kept her for about two weeks until we moved into our own house.

Today, strong and active!


Playing Softball

Noah was so excited about the opportunity to play softball at the American Recreation Center. ( This is a center connected to the American Embassy with a school, pool and ball courts. Many from the missionary community come here on the weekends for swimming and softball. )

With some help from his team mates,

he hit the ball, got to base and even

helped catch a couple of balls in the field.

We were very proud of Noah.

Ready to bat

Made it to First Base!

On Second!

On the bench with his team


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to School

It is another new school year for the boys and another new school.
Both boys were excited for school to start even with the early schedule; out the door at 7:15 AM.

Sahel Academy, it a mission run school here in Niamey. Phil and I met at the school over 15 years ago and Noah attended both Kindergarten and 1st grade here during our previous time of service in Niger. Micah could hardly wait to be a student at Sahel.

Noah, now in the 6th grade is back with several of his 1st grade buddies. This was a great encouragement to him, that they could meet back up and still be friends. His teacher his year is Miss Miller. She has taught for many years in Mali and just moved to Niamey this year.

Micah started 4th grade this year. With a combined 3/4 class he has 12 students in his room. He is making lots of new friends and loves playing wall ball and soccer after school. His teacher is Miss Bloomquist. She has taught at Sahel for many years and has lots of exciting teaching activities for a class with 9 active boys. At present they are caring for a garden they planted the first week of school.

We are thankful for the good transition the boys made to Sahel. They have been positive and like the way that the school includes all grade levels in activities. We continue to pray that they will make good friends and be a witness to the children that go to their school who are not from Christan homes.