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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New House

We have moved!
This is nothing new to any of our readers,
as we move about every 18 months,
but I must say it again.
We have moved.

After about a month of guest house living,

we are moved into our own "rental" house here in Niamey.

God had actually found this house for us, through our African friends,before we arrived in Niger. After house hunting for several weeks and being brought back to this same house time and again, we prayed and felt that God was saying "stop looking, start moving."

After numerous repair; new doors, electricity, locks and plumbing (that are still on going) we are slowly settling into the house and neighborhood.

Pray that this will be a home of peace for our family, as we transition back to life in Niger and begin to minister to those we are called to serve with.

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